Growing cucumbers from seeds (week 8.5)

At about the 8th week our cucumbers have started fruiting, and we can now say with some degree of certainty that cucumber plants take about 8 weeks to start fruiting, give or take a couple of days, see image 1 & image 2 below.  image 1 image 2
I’m also excited to say that my experiment to place the pot next to plants that are well suited to the climate and are insect or pest resistant is paying off. The cucumber plants have latched on to a plant that I call the miniature allamanda to the right, see image 3.image 3
The plants also appear to take to a local variety of hibiscus called the layered hibiscus, and have latched on to the hibiscus plant to the left, see image 4. image 4
Both these plants are well suited to local conditions, i.e. extremely hot and humid conditions with regular rainfall. Copyright © 2020 by Dyarne Jessica Ward

Growing ladies fingers from seeds (week 5)

At the end of week 5 I’ve moved our ladies finger plants out of the nursery and out into the open and they look like they are doing well. Despite the attack by leaf-miners, the plants have survived and look like they are going to pull through, see fig. 1 below.  fig. 1
The leaves are broad and a healthy green and the plants are growing in the right direction see fig. 2fig. 2
Fig. 3 shows you what the plants look like at the end of the 5th week.  fig. 3